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Brexit impact studies: the clothes of the emperor

The Government is struggling to avoid releasing the complete 58 ‘Brexit impact studies’. David Davis mentioned that these existed ‘in excruciating detail’.  It was later claimed, in a manner that the government must have realised would be taken to be … Continue reading

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The budget, the OBR, and futurology

The OBR has followed the Bank of England and downgraded its medium/long-term forecast of the growth in the productive potential of the economy.  It now thinks only 1.6% is likely.  This comes after 10 years of zero productivity growth has … Continue reading

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Brexit/Ireland conundrum

In a short table.  Caveat:  Declan Gaffney tells me Ireland are not ok with turning a blind eye to smuggling people and things, as indicated below. The argument for the Y is that it allows Ireland a de facto frictionless … Continue reading

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Another lump of the lump of labour fallacy

Owen Jones writes in the Guardian that we should consider mandating a compulsory maximum 4 day week.  One of the hopes is that this would ‘slash unemployment and underemployment’. This is a common example of what economists call the ‘lump … Continue reading

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BoE day. Justifying a hike is an uphill struggle

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee raised interest rates for the first time today since 2007. So here is a quick post-mortem on the November 2017 Inflation Report. I would have voted against a rate rise today, for a … Continue reading

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