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Krugman scolds the Fed. Unfairly.

So the Fed did not predict the panic in global stock markets. So what?  Who could have?  It wasn’t a mistake not to have. Krugman doesn’t scold them for this, but he does scold them for not postponing a hike … Continue reading

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John Taylor on auditing all the world’s Feds.

This paper explains John Taylor’s view that if only central banks committed to monetary policy rules, international monetary disorder, and indeed large-scale capital flows, would be eradicated. It’s an extension of his earlier argument that the US’ financial crisis and … Continue reading

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The German minotaur

I was interested to read Simon Wren Lewis‘ post on the dysfunction in the Eurozone caused by German improved ‘competitiveness’. Is this right?  Well, one thing I learned from those in my team at the Bank of England who were … Continue reading

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Mind changes: post script

Actually, I wonder about this mind changing business…. Two correspondents, Julian Echave, and another, privately, questioned the crudeness of this concept. One way of responding to what they said is to note that, for example, from a Bayesian perspective, the … Continue reading

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Mind changes

It’s fashionable now to get out there what you’ve changed your mind on.  The calculation being, perhaps, that unless you do, you will get nowhere arguing hard for your other, unalterable priors. In that spirit, here are a few thing … Continue reading

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Why weak nominal wage growth is of concern to flexible inflation targeters

Today’s UK labour market data show nominal wage growth falling back – to about 2% annual growth, from a local peak last year of 3% – at the same time as the employment rate increases.  This is another important interregnum … Continue reading

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Letter to Danny Blanchflower re the McDonnell BoE mandate review

This letter sent to Danny today, should contain no surprises.  But it gathers together the various views I’ve ranted about on the framework / mandate for monetary policy in the UK. At some point I will update with a version … Continue reading

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