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Konig-Krugman fiat fundamentalism and Bitcoin

JP Konig writes as engagingly as ever about whether Bitcoin and central bank fiat currency differ in possessing inherent value, and what underpins their value.  He takes Paul Krugman’s side. Krugman points out, correctly, that governments accept, in fact demand … Continue reading

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Bloomberg View column on BoE fan charts

Latest column with Richard Barwell, once again arguing that the BoE should publish interest rate and QE fan charts based on its estimate of what it would do given how it sees the world developing.

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1p/2p/…/£50 = a/b/…/c as a nominal anchor that does not require measuring the price level

Here is a new post on FT’s Alphaville blog on this topic. It is somewhat crackpot. If anyone knows whether this has already been formalised please let me know.  Asking for a friend. One thing that did not make the … Continue reading

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Here is my New Statesman post on the idea of abolishing the 1p.

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