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Some Keynes personal history you might not have read yet

This post following exchanges on Twitter this morning.  It’s a link to a piece written by Ariadne Birnberg. It’s family-unit self-promotion, since Ari is my wife.  But relevant to the general theme of this blog, as it recounts the story … Continue reading

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More tax collection now in Greece isn’t so great!

I just had an email conversation with Greek macroeconomist Evi Pappa who is a Professor at EUI in Florence.  She made a point about tax collection that I had, for some reason, not grasped, even though it’s blindingly obvious. Right … Continue reading

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Conserving Keynes

Paul Krugman swats aside my naive plea for a New Keynesian consensus on fiscal policy, suggesting that conservatives have always been opposed to Keynes.  But I stand by it.  I think our Conservatives [UK, big C] were tethered by those … Continue reading

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Austerian empirical macro wars

Niall Ferguson’s FT Op-Ed has sparked more rounds of artillery fire in the empirical macro wars over what can and cannot be read into the effects of austerity in the UK.  I come at this debate from the relatively more … Continue reading

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A small bit of macro, post-election-post-mortem

So, UK voters opted for redoubled deficit reduction while we are still trapped at the zero bound, followed by a spurt of spending towards the end of the next Parliament. I would have voted for the opposite, [although no-one was … Continue reading

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More on John Taylor vs Bernanke

John Taylor has published Wall St Journal Piece rounding on Bernanke’s blog.  Some new points and some points repeated follow…. JT claims that the Taylor Rule emerged from ‘two decades of research on optimal policy’.  I think it’s important that … Continue reading

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Macpherson’s constitutional reforms continue

A quick one to note this Civil Service blog by Nick Macpherson, a review of a William Keegan book, and mentioned in a Tweet recently by Danny Blanchflower. Danny picked it up to point out that this blog excuses Labour … Continue reading

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More on UK austerity. Responses to Krugman, Wren-Lewis and others.

Paul Krugman, Simon Wren-Lewis and Eric Lonergan weighed in on the issue of whether, in 2010, the Coalition’s initial inclination to ‘austerity’ was justified or not.  Mark Gregory also made a good point on Twitter which I want to recount. … Continue reading

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