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How big a deal is No Deal? We have no idea.

Exiting the EU without a deal having previously been inconceivable, some among the Brexit ultras are trying to present it as an alternative preferable to the negotiating position agreed at the Prime Minister’s Chequers meeting, or whatever the EU might … Continue reading


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Philip Lane should not be making comments on Irish tax policy

Simon Wren Lewis and Frances Coppola have written two thoughtful pieces about Irish central bank Governor Philip Lane’s public comments about Irish tax policy. My own view is that he should not be making these remarks. The reason has to … Continue reading

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New Statesman post on Labour’s 3% target for the BoE

A link here to a post explaining a boilerplate view of why Labour’s ideas for reform of the BoE’s mandate [and location] are misguided.

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Times article on capitalism

Here a link to an article with David Miles on capitalism.

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