Econ resources and links

This page is partly for myself, and made public here in case others, particluarly those starting out, find it useful.  It will grow over time.  If you have suggestions, let me know.

New macro related working papers:

NBER monetary economics

NBER international finance and macro

NBER economic fluctuations and growth

Web-pages of those whose research we must all read:

Tom Sargent

Resources for keeping up with the monetary policy Jones’

Bank of England:  speeches, Inflation Report, Quarterly Bulletin

UK Treasury Committee

Learning and how to resources:

John Cochrane writing tips:  hilarious and wise take on conventional academic econ writing.  Beware that some editors hate bluntness and informality.

Sargent macro course for learning Python

My course materials

A map of applied macro skills and topics for PhDs

Compact exposition of log-linearization for RBC/DSGE students by Eric Sims


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