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If you can’t beat them, join them: Remainers try their hand at attacks on the civil service.

Anthony Adonis tweeted this yesterday:  Civil servants do not need this unsolicited advice, foghorned over Twitter.  The tweet comes out of nowhere, prompted by nothing in particular, and insinuates in a way full of foreboding by omitting reference to anything … Continue reading

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Next time do QE with a Treasury twist, not central bank money-printing?

This post writes up tweets I sent last night.  The case is not overwhelming, and maybe not even decisive, but it’s worth rehearsing the arguments for.  I’ll write this as though it were for a UK audience only, but the … Continue reading

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Guest post by Will Bott: on the democratic legitimacy of a second referendum

Here’s a guest post by Will Bott, also to be found on Twitter. “If public opinion had shifted as much as many proponents of a second referendum claim, or certainly would like, there would be little question about the legitimacy … Continue reading

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Brexit was not really a neoliberal project, whatever that is

Simon Wren Lewis argues in a recent post that Brexit was a ‘neoliberal project’.  That the driving force was a form of free-market utopianism. I have doubts about the project of diganosing Brexit as a neoliberal project. For starters, there … Continue reading

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Will Ireland back down over the border?

I discussed this briefly with ‘Oscar D Torson’ on Twitter. It must be the hope of the government and all Brexiters that this is what happens – Ireland backing down.  With no modification of the united EU and Ireland position, … Continue reading

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Will the Fed Trump the President or vice versa?

Donald Trump has been at it again, criticising the Fed over its policy of gradually normalising interest rates.  Commentators are wondering what exactly the Fed will do in response. Some worry that the Fed will cave in;  and indeed interpret … Continue reading

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Did I just accidentally blog about the validity of a radical centrist party in the UK?

Simon Wren Lewis is sure that a centre party formed by frustrated right-wing Labour MPs is a terrible idea.  Why?  Because it would split the left of centre vote and make it  more likely that a Conservative government held onto … Continue reading

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