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Labour, Brexit and the European elections

Leading figures in Labour like Jess Phillips were out on social media today, with a call to arms to fight the reactionary tendencies represented by The Brexit Party, promising to oppose with progressivism. This is a difficult pitch for Labour.  … Continue reading

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‘Bollocks to Brexit’ critiques are bollocks

The Liberal Democrat campaign slogan has come under fire.  I think it’s a great slogan. It weaves together different feelings of those against the project:  ‘oh for God’s sake make it stop this is turning out really badly’ [recall Jolyon … Continue reading


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Memetics and economics

Preliminaries. This post writes up a short thread on Twitter on memetics and economics.  One that tells the story of a ‘paper’ I wrote perhaps 15 years ago or more, now, with the same title as this post, and sent … Continue reading

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