Brexit/Ireland conundrum

In a short table.  Caveat:  Declan Gaffney tells me Ireland are not ok with turning a blind eye to smuggling people and things, as indicated below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.58.15

The argument for the Y is that it allows Ireland a de facto frictionless border, even if not one in law.   Declan’s point is that the smuggling funds end up in the hands of former terrorists.  At least that is what I read into his tweet.

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4 Responses to Brexit/Ireland conundrum

  1. Tom says:

    The colonial arrogance of Brexiteers is astonishing. You should be ashamed of the way your politicians treat the Republic of Ireland, a sovereign nation. The mere suggestion that Ireland leave the EU to solve the UKs border problem is breathtaking in its arrogance and that’s before you consider the majority of people in the North of Ireland voted to REMAIN! Truly, the Tory party’s notion of democracy is blinkered and myopic.

    • Tony Yates says:

      I am ashamed; I put this up as an account of the universe of so far suggested possibilities. If you follow my material before you will know I am very much against Brexit.

      • Tommy Burke says:

        Fair enough Tony. Maybe you should remind your readership that glibly considering another sovereign country leaving the EU as an ‘option’ is a deplorable attempt at undermining democracy. Maybe France could vote leave to solve the Dover/Calais bottlenecks? I see Grimbsy, who voted 70% leave, now want Freeport status to avoid possible tariffs on their fish trade!! When will the madness end? Who’s running your country? It certainly doesn’t look like Teresa May…

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