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Whatever Powell says, the Fed can’t avoid taking political considerations into account.

Yesterday, Jerome Powell said, following the Fed’s decision to raise its policy rate:  “political considerations play no role whatsoever in our discussions”. In some important senses, this cannot or at least should not be true. Trump has on several occasions … Continue reading

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What is the best Brexit outcome for the SNP?

There are still multiple possible outcomes of the ongoing Brexit process.  The UK could revoke our A50 notice to leave the European Union and remain members.  We could seek a Brexit In Name Only solution, retaining freedom of movement and … Continue reading

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King’s Bloomberg bloopers

A link to my New Statesman piece, a rejoinder to Mervyn King’s Bloomberg article encouraging the government to drop Theresa May’s deal before the nation ‘rages’.

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Legitimacy somersaults

Have a look at this Tweet by Paul Embery. It’s fascinating. It’s not the only one.  Dan Hannan has sent roughly the same message. 1.  The 2016 Referendum result was legitimate. 2.  Any further referendum would not be legitimate, but … Continue reading

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An optimistic forecast concerning the inconsistent ambitions of Lexiters and Brexiters

David Chivers, [AP in macro at Durham University], wrote today: We can debate just where the electorate agree on post Brexit plans.  But they surely do not agree with all of them.   Not least because they are not consistent with … Continue reading

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Why Brexit is so much more problematic than the financial crisis of 2008

An interesting thread by David Hayward [@SimeonStylites] on Twitter today compared the severity of the crisis engulfing us with Brexit to the financial crisis of 2008.  Although the economic damage has been so far less, and more slow-moving, in may … Continue reading

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