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Blame the EZ crisis on Woodrow Wilson, not Germany

Paul Krugman and Simon Wren-Lewis characterise the Eurozone crisis as partly or wholly caused by German intransigence, the outcome of which is monetary and fiscal policy that is too tight, forcing an unnecessarily harsh fiscal and competitiveness adjustment on the … Continue reading

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Core blimey, Governor

This post recaps on today’s tweetstorm about core inflation, which follows Paul Krugman’s blog on the topic.  It’s late on Friday, productivity levels are falling, and I can defend not doing my bit for my co-authors on my revise and … Continue reading

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On raising the inflation target to combat secular stagnation

Tim Harford’s FT article responds to the recent ebook on secular stagnation – the tendency for weak demand to depress equilibrium real interest rates – circulated by VoxEU.  He deduces that raising the inflation target would help combat or avoid … Continue reading

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