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QE: leads to looser or tighter fiscal policy?

A recent Goldman Sachs piece on the UK holds the view that the BoE’s recent resumption of asset purchases will permit and prompt UK fiscal policy to be looser, postponing consolidation of the deficit.  The mechanism at work is that, … Continue reading

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Carney calls for goverment to redistribute more

He may as well have done. This speech came soon after several occasions locking horns with Jacob Rees Mogg over the Bank of England’s analysis of the pernicious economics effects of Brexit.  Rees Mogg wrongly accused the Governor of politicising … Continue reading


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Rethinking Science

Dear Scientists.  I am not one of you.  Or rather, [and this is part of the problem], you will, mistakenly, not think of me as such.  But I have some advice about how you need to go about rethinking what … Continue reading

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Guest post at FT Alphaville on India’s demonetization

Link here.  H/t David Keohane for getting me going on this, and putting me right on facts about how many have bank accounts in India.

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