Some Keynes personal history you might not have read yet

This post following exchanges on Twitter this morning.  It’s a link to a piece written by Ariadne Birnberg.

It’s family-unit self-promotion, since Ari is my wife.  But relevant to the general theme of this blog, as it recounts the story of her grandmother, Naomi Bentwich, who typed up ‘The Economic Consequences of the Peace’ for Keynes.

Brief sketch:  While working for him she became convinced he was in love with her.  Was dispensed with after confronting him with this.  And, seemingly, lived on with this delusion, divining messages in his journalism, and driven to write her own autobiography about her and Keynes after being interviewed by Roy Harrod, who was writing his own Keynes biography.

Here’s the article:  Most Beautiful Maynard.
[Link corrected from earlier draft].


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2 Responses to Some Keynes personal history you might not have read yet

  1. Sam says:

    You might be interested in the new biography of Keynes, by Richard Davenport-Hines. Relatively little on economics (certainly compared to Skidelsky, Harrod, etc.) but it really fleshes out the other parts of his life, and characteristics. The man was a polymath, and this presents him in that way, so it goes through his skill as an administrator and a diplomat. I think it goes through his ability as an art critic and collector as well, but I haven’t got there yet!

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