Periscope q and a’s for non economists Friday 10am

In case you don’t encounter my Twitter feed, I’ve experimentally started doing Periscope broadcasts of me answering questions.  Friday 10am.  Last Friday’s can be viewed here.  The sessions are targeted at non economists into economics;  econ students;  schoolkids doing econ;  schoolteachers teaching econ or related topics.

The production technology is hopelessly shonky, as you might expect.  And you will no doubt grasp why I am not a telly broadcaster when you see one of them.  The broadcasts are live and can be picked up from my Twitter feed @t0nyyates or directly from Periscope’s site.

Tweet questions at #tonyyateseconq so I can collect them.   If more questions arrive, I’ll keep doing them.  Feedback welcome.  Talking into camera feels even more like pouring material into the void than hammering on a keyboard, so it is helpful to know whether these things are useful.

Topics covered so far are things like:  how will covid19 be paid for?  Will inflation rise?  How redistributive is monetary policy?  Are we headed to having universal basic income?  Is Bank of England independence a thing of the past?…. and more.

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