New Statesman Post on that Cummings Job Ad

I didn’t post this here before, so if you didn’t see it at the time, and felt somehow that you had not had enough Cummings journalism, here is a New Statesman post about his infamous job advert.  The one that culminated in him hiring Andrew Sabisky, the ‘Superforecaster’ who subsequently resigned after views that he had expressed on eugenics and women had been unearthed from his past writings.

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2 Responses to New Statesman Post on that Cummings Job Ad

  1. Dipper says:

    We are now clearly at the stage where the Technocracy fights back. The attack on Priti Patel is part of this.

    One of the learnings of Brexit is that the civil service had no concept of an independent UK, and at a senior level policy was firstly based round ‘influencing the EU in the UK’s favour’, and secondly gave an excuse to say This is All Very Hard and just take the EU view on anything. /it should be obvious that a UK outside the EU requires something different, a degree of competence on a bigger scale, than what had gone previously.

    It is easy to poke fun at Cummings, but he is right to identify possibilities and opportunities. As for Andrew Sabisky, I’m no fan of the IQ/race debate, but would point out that those who participate in that are of the view that Chinese and Ashkenazy Jews are more intelligent on average than White Europeans, which makes it an odd kind of White Supremacy, that lots of people are publicly reacting in horror to the discussion of Eugenics whilst not publicly calling for an end to screening foetuses for genetic conditions, which is Eugenics by and sensible definition, and that there seems to be a view that all people who work in the public domain should think along approved lines or else face expulsion. Catholics have a set of beliefs which include not supporting abortion, They, rightly, don’t have to face the choice of renouncing their beliefs if they work for a government that believes in a Woman’s Right to Choose.

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