Lewis Goodall’s ‘Remainers are rubbish’ conclusion.

Lewis Goodall, Political Correspondent for Sky, wrote a thread on Twitter today concluding with a familiar line that Remainers are not good at politics.  They ‘may as well pack up and go home’.  They are ’embarrassingly bad at politics’.   The mental connection made is with the commentary that first began in the aftermath of the Referendum victory for Leave by recalling the spectacle of a babble of liberal economists talking conditional forecasts on the one hand, and Leave posters with ‘take back control’ and ‘let’s fund our NHS instead’ on the other.

But this is not a good characterisation of recent events.  Such as it is, the ‘Remain alliance’ is a creature of its largest member, the Parliamentary Labour Party.   That organ is in turn a creature of its leadership structure.  That structure is comprised of individuals and influences that are [from the perspective of Remain] at best indifferent to Brexit, and at worst inclined towards it.  Perhaps the same can even be said of its attitudes to a No Deal Brexit and the chaos that might follow it, incriminating Tory incumbents and capitalism itself, both of which the Labour leadership have spent a lifetime explaining that they want to displace forever.

So judging this alliance on how well it is going about ensuring that No Deal does not happen, or that the UK Remains, or only exits on very Soft terms, is not appropriate.  Tortoises don’t see their days as being about collecting acorns, so we would not mark them down for failing to do so.

By contrast, Johnson’s new Government do have a singularity of purpose about leaving the UK and without a deal if necessary.  They are no better at politics than anyone else.  It’s just that they all want the same political outcome.

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2 Responses to Lewis Goodall’s ‘Remainers are rubbish’ conclusion.

  1. Dipper says:

    This seems a bit odd, dare I say confused.

    You seem to argue that the Remain alliance isn’t really a Remain alliance because it is organised by Corbyn and he isn’t a Remainer.

    I see it like this; to beat Johnson the Remain alliance needs every non-Johnson vote. The issue is that it needs a figurehead. But the Lib Dems aren’t going to let it be someone from Labour Remain; this is the Lib Dems big chance to become the pivotal force in a pro-EU parliament. Similarly, Starmer and Benn aren’t going to let it be the Lib Dems; this is their big chance to grab hold of the reigns at Labour and make it the pre-eminent pro-EU force. And Corbyn isn’t going to let either of them take control of a pro-EU coalition when leaving the EU and complete freedom to implement hard-left policies is in his grasp. So there isn’t going to be a Remain coalition.

    But hang-on! what if there is a non-threatening leader of Remain, say Grieve, Clarke, or Beckett? Well I think that isn’t necessarily going to get the full Remain coalition over the line mainly because such a move clearly marginalises Corbyn and he isn’t going to stand for it.

    I’d add as a Leaver that there is another psychological reason why the Remain alliance isn’t going to happen. Leave was about taking back control, so having now got control Leave is going full steam ahead with a vigorous policy of Leaving and making the most of the opportunity. Remain is all about ceding control. Stopping Johnson requires Remain to take control, to assume full responsibility, and this is the one thing that Remainers have spent their careers avoiding, instead preferring the comfort of political impotence. So what will happen is Remain will not stop Johnson, they will say they really wanted to stop him, but excuse this excuse that, sadly we just weren’t able to do it.

  2. Jamey Chupp says:

    Overly thought out! Whoa.

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