Economists against Brexit letter

Oh no, not another one, we hear you groaning.  And well you might.

However, prompted by the tightening in the polls, and the publicity around the ‘Economists for Britain’ and ‘Economists for Brexit’ groups, Paul Levine, Simon Wren-Lewis and I are organising a letter for economists to express their support for a vote to Remain, on economic grounds, on June 23rd.

If you have not seen the letter, and you think you might want to sign, write to one of us to get it.  [Post your email as a comment to this post if you don’t know how to get us].

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5 Responses to Economists against Brexit letter

  1. Steve says:

    Shoot me an email. I will sign.

  2. Alistair White says:

    May I have copy of letter please? I confess I am a mere A- Level economics teacher but am interested in content of letter for work with y12 after AS exams.

  3. Rob Levy says:

    Hooray! I wrote a piece analysing the signatories of a tax havens letter in which I described the regularly of interventions by economists on important issues as “woefully infrequent”. This kind of activity brightens my glum view!

    • Tony Yates says:

      thanks for that. lots are sceptical about economists poking their nose in. but i agree with you. most don’t involve themselves with policy at all, and this is one way that they can do it.

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