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Helicopters and slippery slopes

One of the reasons I am against using helicopter money as a counter-cyclical monetary policy tool is that, once society gets a taste for it used in these circumstances, there will be pressure to use it for acyclical purposes, financing … Continue reading

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Super Thursday=Mansion House redux

That was the summing up of Moyeen Islam on Twitter, and I thought he captured the event neatly. To explain what he meant:  The Governor’s Lincoln speech, in which he said that the decision about whether to raise rates would … Continue reading

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The people’s public institution bonfire

A quick post to tease out more clearly the issue of whether or not Corbyn’s proposed ‘People’s QE’ would be inflationary or not. The reason it would be is because it sets a precedent for using money creation to finance … Continue reading

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Would not print money for a Corbyn cabinet.

The chatosphere seemed ablaze today about UK Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn’s plans for a ‘People’s QE’.  Richard Murphy was reported as being on World At One defending it, based on its resemblance, I presume, to a ‘green QE’ … Continue reading

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