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Austerity, crowding out, and Peston.

In response to blogs by Robert Peston, Simon Wren Lewis, and Jonathan Portes. In Peston’s blog, he says ‘I am simply pointing out that there is a debate here’, after suggesting earlier that ‘maybe the lesson of the last Parliament… … Continue reading

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Peter Pan’s quantitative flying

The FT carried reports of the oddest central bank Governor speech I have ever encountered.  Koruda likened the BoJ’s recent quantitative easing policy to a confidence trick.  One that would fail as soon as people stopped believing, just like Peter … Continue reading

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Greece vs the Troika and the trouble with democracies

The Greek crisis being a spectacle of financial warfare between creditors and debtor, rather than an exercise in benign social planning, it’s instructive to think about the difficulties posed by Greek democracy in reaching an agreement, through the jaundiced eyes … Continue reading

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Feldstein, money, inflation and the zero bound

I just came across this by Marty Feldstein, circulated by Matt O Brien on Twitter.  And it’s mighty confusing.  The premise of the article is the puzzle that the rapid expansion of the monetary base since the onset of the … Continue reading

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